Our Sponsored Walk – for a Very Worthwhile Cause

Our Sponsored Walk – for a Very Worthwhile Cause

Fun and games for children at Gawthorpe Park.During the autumn half-term break, adults and children from Little Acorns Nursery in Padiham embarked on a sponsored walk around Gawthorpe Park. The walk took place during a cold and wet Tuesday, on 24th October, with children from our Little Seedlings, Little Acorns and Great Oaks rooms donning Wellington boots, anoraks and wet weather gear for the task. Once assembled, little ones and adults braved the inclement weather and went on to complete the walk admirably, even making the local Burnley Express paper.

During the walk, children made the activity more exciting by spotting wildlife, including squirrels, birds, dogs, and even Gruffaloes and bears! Accompanying adults also encouraged little ones to look out for the changing autumn leaves, which are so beautiful at this time of the year. The sponsored walk followed Baby Loss Awareness Week, which took place earlier in October.When the rain persisted, children were also encouraged to use magic wands to wish it away!

The sponsored walk also followed Baby Loss Awareness Week, which took place from the 9th to 15th, earlier in October. There, children were encouraged to wear something pink or blue during our special Pink & Blue Day, which was organised to allow children who could not make the sponsored walk to take part.

Raising Money for Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy

Maggie's Stillbirth Legacy helps to support families who suffer the loss of a little one.The sponsored walk was dedicated to a cause that’s extremely close to our hearts — the memory of Yusuf, the baby son of one of our families — as well as aiming to raise awareness of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). £148 was raised through our sponsored walk and a further £52 through a cake sale by our sister nursery, Little Acorns in Hindley Green. All the money raised goes to the chosen charity of Yusuf’s family, Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy, which helps to support other families who suffer the loss of a little one. The organisation has been running since 2015 and provides resources and training in hospital and care environments to better support such families. Resources provided by them include memory boxes, cuddle blankets, cold cots and angel gowns and the organisation also makes donations to several charities and related causes. It won a Pride of Britain Award in 2021.

Learn more about supporting Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy here.

The wonderful team of adults and children who took part in the sponsored walk, outside our Padiham nursery.

Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham

Little Acorns Nursery & Preschool is in Padiham, Lancashire, near Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham and Wood End. Little Acorns is a high-quality nursery in Padiham, Lancashire, which offers a wonderful weekday childcare service to local families. We may also suit families living or working nearby in places like Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham and Wood End.

So, if you live nearby and have a baby, toddler or preschooler under five, get in touch to discuss the fabulous childcare service and early years education available at Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham. We’ll be happy to show you and your little one around, answer any questions, and explain more. Please get in touch today for more details or to begin your child’s application for a nursery or preschool place:

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Little Acorns: a Nursery & Pre-School for Children Under 5 in Padiham

The highest quality childcare in Padiham, Lancashire

Little Acorns Nursery & Pre-School is in Padiham, Lancashire, near Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham and Wood End.

At Little Acorns Nursery, we give babies, toddlers, and children under 5 the very best start in life. We are a nursery and pre-school in Padiham that offers weekday childcare and a complete early years education. We’re also conveniently close for those living or working nearby in Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham, or Wood End. Government-funded childcare places are all supported for eligible families, so do get in touch if you’d like to register your child for a childcare place, to arrange a guided tour, or ask any questions. We’re here to help.

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Hygge is Coming to Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham.

Hygge is Coming to Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham.

In today's post, we explain what Hygge means and how it will benefit the nursery and children.One of the exciting new initiatives that we have planned for Little Acorns nursery, Padiham, is to make it a Hygge setting. In today’s post, we explain what Hygge means and how it will benefit the setting, especially the children. Once the Hygge initiative has been fully adopted, it will positively transform the whole feel of the nursery and benefit everyone. Introducing Hygge is exciting and the children are going to love it! To be truthful, we can’t wait to get started!

First, though … what is Hygge and how do you even say the word?

What’s Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that's pronounced “Hue-Gah”Counter to the instincts of those whose first language is English, Hygge is pronounced “Hue-Gah” rather than “Hig”. It is popular in Denmark and Norway and is a Danish word that refers to a rather beautiful lifestyle; one of cosiness, homeliness, contentment and comfort. Wellbeing, warmth and conviviality are central to the Hygge approach. Friendliness, a welcoming atmosphere and closer links to nature are key parts of the Hygge way of life too. Having a more simple lifestyle and living far more in the moment are also part and parcel of Hygge. With such facets, Hygge naturally fosters happiness and contentment in everyone that it touches. Indeed, that’s one of the many reasons we can’t wait for both children and staff to start embracing it at Little Acorns Nursery.

Hygge is like a hug but without the physical touch.

Hygge at Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham

Hygge looks and feels warmer and gives children little nooks and corners to read, converse and play in.Once we’ve adopted Hygge at the nursery, it’ll look and feel warmer and far more welcoming, with softer, warmer lighting and a more homely atmosphere. Gone will be anything that looks sterile, cold or even harshly lit. Instead, expect to see soft furnishings including cushions, rugs and blankets. Look out for little nooks where children can gather in small groups to read, play or engage with each other or with staff. Hygge nurseries are also synonymous with dens and teepees, allowing children to ‘nest’ in calm, cosy spaces and corners. All these things will also deaden sound, reduce noise levels, and banish echoes, making for a much calmer setting entirely.

‘True’ Hygge is also associated with candlelight although, of course, for safety purposes, this would be the LED version of candles at the nursery. They’ll still make the lighting magical, though, and it’s even possible to get flickering LED tea-lights.

Hygge is associated with nature, natural objects and materials.We mentioned that Hygge brings people closer to nature and that will be evident not only outside but indoors too. We’ll ensure there are natural objects and materials for the children to explore and handle, including things like smooth pebbles, wood surfaces, pine cones and perhaps reed and wicker items. These will be lovely to handle and to be around, stimulating multiple senses, which is so important in the young. The introduction of appropriate plants will also bring children closer to nature and enhance the Hygge atmosphere.

Hygge often goes hand-in-hand with relaxing music and even calming scents, and we’ll see about introducing some of that to the nursery too. for yet more sensory stimulation, although in a very calm way.

Hygge minimises conflict and leads to harmony, calmness and a very pleasurable day-to-day experience.Children will also be encouraged to be convivial, i.e. be friendly, inclusive, pleasant and welcoming to one another and to staff. We always try to foster a culture of mutual respect and equality, but the introduction of Hygge to the nursery will take this even further. Sharing and politeness are to be encouraged. Play will be calmer and more harmonious. With Hygge, growing friendships will naturally blossom. Hygge minimises conflict and leads to harmony, calmness and a very pleasurable day-to-day experience for everyone touched by it.

With Hygge, children will also be encouraged to live at times more in the moment. They will also be asked to quietly reflect on their day and to think about everything they are grateful for. It’s a great new way for children to see and appreciate the world around them including both the bigger picture and the smaller details. Indeed, it will really bring out their sense of wonder.

Hygge is magical. It will feed children’s hearts, minds and spirits — in profound ways.

We will update this site in due course as we progress on our Hygge adventure, eventually culminating in Hygge in Early Years accreditation. The children and staff of Little Acorns Nursery, Padiham, are really going to enjoy the journey and we hope that parents will embrace some of its values too.

Little Acorns Nursery & Pre-School is in Padiham, Lancashire

Little Acorns Nursery & Pre-School is in Padiham, Lancashire, near Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham and Wood End.

Little Acorns Nursery & Pre-School is in Padiham, Lancashire, conveniently near to Hapton, Rose Grove, Burnley, Altham, Huncoat, Read, Simonstone, Sabden, Higham and Wood End. We offer an outstanding weekday childcare service for babies, toddlers & children aged up to 5.

If you would like to register your interest in a place for your child at the nursery/pre-school, please get in touch. We’ll be pleased to hear from you and will be in touch, by return, to agree the next steps. We’re happy to discuss your child’s nursery application at any time and to answer any questions. Please choose a button to get started …

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